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Haalbaarheid rookgasreinigingsintegratie van een wervelbedinstallatie met een AVI: Energetisch efficiëntere en kosteneffectievere verwerking van
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ECN BM 1-12-2004
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ECN-C--04-115 ECN rapport
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Due to changing (inter)national regulations for the use of meat andbone meal, its application as a fuel for energy production has gained enormous interest. The AEB (Afval Energie Bedrijf Amsterdam) are interested in actual conversion of meat and bone meal at their current waste incineration plant (AVI) site. One of the options to use meat and bone meal is to combust it in a fluidised bed combustion installation. Such an installation can, on a small scale, be integrated with the existing fluegas cleaning of the AVI, hence reducing the costs of a small case test and demonstration facility. Within this study the technical and economic feasibility of a fluidised bed combustion installation, both integrated with the existing fluegas cleaning and stand-alone with a separate fluegas cleaning, are evaluated and compared with the alternative concept of co-combustion in the current AVI. It can be concluded that fluidised bed combustion should be preferred above co-combustion in the current AVI. Furthermore small-scale integrated and stand-alone fluidised bed combustion of a mixture of bone and animal meal with sludge can be both economic and technical feasible considering currently acceptable gate fee values, even without taking any governmental incentives like the MEP regulation into consideration.

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