Technology transfer

Bringing cutting-edge research and innovative technology to the market: that is ECN’s objective. We work closely together with the business sector to bring this to the market. Exchange of expertise with the business sector is crucial to this.


Entrepreneurs and companies that would like to use ECN’s know-how can enter a licensing contract. Once agreement has been reached about the conditions, ECN will transfer the knowledge. This enables the licensee to set to work with the technology. Because ECN plays a social role, ECN prefers to grant non-exclusive licences.

Spin-offs and joint ventures

In some cases, the best way for new technology to find its way to the market is through a new company. ECN will then start a new business, either independently or together with an existing company or investor. Transfer of knowledge then takes place through a licence between ECN and the new company, or through the sale of the expertise to the spin-off.  

Intellectual property

ECN pursues an active patent policy. Acquiring patent protection for technology developed by ECN is not only essential for ECN, but also for our licence partners. Because of the nature of the technology, which usually needs capital intensive installations, considerable investments – for instance in production facility design and the scaling up of technology – are required that without patent protection would never see a recoup of the investment. 

Alongside patents, ECN’s intellectual property consists of know-how, software and brand and domain names.  


ECN is keen to come into contact with companies and entrepreneurs with requests related to technology or with ideas for product or marketing combinations for ECN technology. 

ECN is also keen to talk to business people with a proven track record who are interested in setting up spin-offs.