Products and services

ECN offers investors and lenders a variety of products and services, depending on their wishes and needs.

Early Sounding

  • What: A free one hour telephone call to pick the brains of one of our 400 leading experts in cleantech. 
  • Why: Quickly broaden your understanding of a specific investment thesis or perhaps an area within cleantech.

Pressure Cooker

  • What: An intensive, multiple hour Q&A session with you, our researchers and possibly your investment target in one room.
  • Why: A quick, effective and efficient way of having your most pressing questions answered and getting the big picture right.

Quick Scan

  • What: a high level assessment to identify the key technological risks and pinpoint high-risk areas for further due diligence.
  • Why: You are more advanced in your investment decision, and you need to have a clear, high level overview of the biggest risk areas.

Confirmatory Technology Due Diligence

  • What: A comprehensive report, offering a deep understanding of the risks and opportunities as well as mitigation options and strategies, expressed in financial terms where possible.
  • Why: Regularly used in project finance or in more sizeable Venture Capital / Private equity deals as the last barrier before a final investment decision can be made.

Performance assessments and portfolio reviews

  • What: Rapid assessment and problem solving (debottlenecking) in technology development and upscaling of existing cleantech investments or portfolio reviews.
  • Why: You want to optimize the value of your existing investments or you want to know whether the right investments are being made to support an overall investment policy.

We answer questions like these for a variety of (international) customers, from VC’s, to regional funds, private equity firms, banks and other professionals in the investment industry.

Want to know more?

If you are interested or you would like more information about our services, please contact us.