Technology Due Diligence

As a professional investor your expertise lies in assessing investment opportunities and selecting potential winners in the cleantech sector. You will be aware however, that the complexity of the technology often requires a more in-depth perspective. Sourcing the right expertise and upscaling the technology is challenging. ECN’s Technology Due Diligence (TDD) services offer investors a solution to these challenges. We offer support with identification of technological investment risks and help you make the right investment decisions.

Solutions from ECN

In the area of due diligence, we can help to provide answers to key questions relating to the development of new technologies. Some examples: 

  • What is the feasibility of a technology roadmap?
  • What risks are associated with upscaling of a technology?
  • To what extent does this technology compete with ‘state of the art’ technology and/or technology that will enter the market several years from now?
  • What improvement potential is feasible (e.g. energy savings, higher yield or efficiency)?
  • How robust and/or flexible is a particular technology? Has it been designed in a logical manner? What are its potential weak points?
  • Which costs and typical problems can be expected with regard to operations & maintenance?
  • Are the scientific claims made with regard to the new technology realistic?
  • Has the budgeted government subsidy been calculated in the right way and has it been correctly incorporated into the business case? Have the OPEX and CAPEX been budgeted in a realistic way?
  • How much CO2 can be saved? 

For this, we offer a diversity of products and services, depending on your wishes and needs.

Why work with ECN?

ECN provides thorough, trustworthy and independent advice, offers a fresh perspective on problems, and comes up with swift, creative solutions. Our team is composed of multidisciplinary and pragmatic problem-solvers, experienced operators, technology experts and conceptual thinkers. We have extensive expertise in the field of developing and implementing renewable energy technologies and processes. 

Wide-ranging experience
Thanks to our experience in devising, scaling up and commercializing our own (renewable) energy technologies, we are able to carry out in-depth Technology Due Diligence appraisals. We’ve built up this experience by working with technology companies around the world in our chosen focus areas.

A holistic service that’s tailored to the client’s needs
Our Technology Due Diligence services are often provided as part of a complete due diligence process. We always tailor our reports to the client’s needs, in full accordance with the demands presented by the specific investment case.

A unique expert partner
Our services are supported by four pillars that are unique to ECN:

  • Deep and broad expertise
  • A world-class testing infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art tools
  • An independent market position

Want to know more?

If you are interested or you would like more information about our services, please contact us.