Backcontact workshop | Shanghai - May 19


Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel; 100 Chang Liu Road; 4e floor, room 1.


You may register for our backcontact workshop by sending an e-mail to Zhenxue Wu

Main contact

The main contact for our backcontact workshop is Dr. Ye Zhang-Steenwinkel.

Technical program 


Registration (with coffee)


Opening: Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai: Mr. David Naves (Deputy Consul General) 



Scientific presentations

ECN: Dr. Ian Bennett (Senior Researcher), Roadmap for the development of cost-competitive solutions for back-contact cells and modules

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Solar Energy Society: Prof. Dr. Wenzhong Shen (Director of the Institute of Solar Energy, SJTU), Cutting-edge technology and industrial development in crystalline silicon solar cells

Chinese Academy Sciences: Prof. Dr. Rui Jia (Director IME, CAS), The research of high efficiency interdigitated back contact (IBC) solar cells

TuV Nord: Mr. Roger Miao (Project Manager), Experience sharing of MWT PV-module testing




Cell Equipment suppliers

Jonas Redmann Technology: Guofeng Yu (General Manager), JRT’s soft printing technology

Levitech: Parscal Vermont (Director Technical Marketing), Al2O3 passivation in back contacted cells

Rofin: Richard Hendel (International Sales Manager), Developments on laser drilling technology and ablation of dielectric lasers for c-Si cells

/ Tempress: Dr. Jan-Marc Luchies (R&D Director); Lowest cost, while having better efficiency; HD-POCl3 - 1000 wafer/boat atmospheric processing and PECVD layer optimisation for multi


Coffee break


BOM and module equipment suppliers

Dow Corning Greater China:  Dr. Yanghai Yu (Product Development Chemist), Excellent MWT Module Performance and Durability Using Silicone Electrically Conductive Adhesive

Krempel: Karlheinz Brust (Technical Director), Conductive back-sheet foil developments

STR: Luke A. Strzegowski (Sales & Technology Director), New encapsulant options for MWT PV cells

Eurotron: Bram Verschoor (COO), Back contact module manufacturing industrialized


OEM (PV manufacturers)

Yingli: Jianxiong Ni (Module Product Design Leader), Industrial Panda-MWT cells and modules using novel conductive back foil

Tianwei: Dr. Wei Long (Engineer of Technology and R&D Center), Manufacturing cost reduction roadmap for MWT modules


Conclusion and wrapping up
ECN: Dr. Ye Zhang-Steenwinkel (Business Developer), Back contact technology: the key towards successful and competitive PV market