Make energy use in industry more sustainable through innovation:

Energy savings of at least 2% per year.

ECN plays a prominent role in the development of sustainable technologies and knowledge in the field of energy efficiency, enabling industrial processes to be used more efficiently.


Our goals

Develop new electrical processes for industry so that it becomes more sustainable and new business can be created.

Reduce industrial CO2 emissions to zero,e.g. by replacing fossil raw materials with sustainable alternatives.


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Industrial heat

Recovery and conversation of residual heat from industrial processes

Research on the supply of renewable heat to industry, as an alternative to gas

Development and testing of industrial heat pumps

Development of technology for
 industrial heat

Gas separation, treatment & conversion

Development of sorption technology to reduce industrial CO2 emissions

Development of membrane reactors for hydrogen production

Conversion of industrial waste streams into chemicals and transport fuels

Liquid separation & conversion 

Research on separation technologies (e.g. membranes) for liquid streams and the recovery of valuable components

Development of chemical reactors for gas/liquid reactions

Industrial integration
of renewable electricity

Development of processes to produce chemicals and fuels with the help of electricity, e.g. hydrogen

Development of technology to flexibly convert renewable electricity into heat

Old polluting industry

New cleaner industry

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Solar energy

Storage and integeration of renewable energy

Wind energy

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Sigrid Bollwerk

Program Development


We will gladly tell you how we make ourselves strong for that clean, sustainable future.

And why we lead the way in energy innovation:

ECN supplies knowledge and technology

We work within a wide range of scientific disciplines to supply the government and the business sector with knowledge and technology aimed at a sustainable future. 

ECN carries out research and gives advice

We carry out extensive research in the fields of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and clean ways of using fossil fuels and provide independent advice to the Dutch government concerning its energy policies.

ECN bullds bridges

Our unique mix of know-how and research infrastructure builds a bridge between scientific knowledge and its practical application in the business sector. Organisations are invited to use our extensive test facilities to test technologies and innovations that they can apply directly in their business operations. 

ECN develops

Our mission is to work with and for the market to develop knowledge and technology to facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy economy. We aim to involve the cleantech sector at an early stage, as commercial businesses form the driving force behind sustainable energy development.

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