What is RESDAS ?

RESDAS is a tool that helps you to select the device for energy storage (battery) in renewable energy applications. RESDAS is free of charge and contains no favouritism towards any commercially available product.

Who are the users of RESDAS ?

RESDAS was primarily developed for designers, manufacturers, vendors and owners of renewable energy systems with energy storage.

Which energy systems are addressed by RESDAS ?

RESDAS gives information on energy storage in any system with a renewable energy component. This covers the range from very small, e.g. a solar home system, to very large, e.g. the public grid with decentralised wind turbines. However the main focus is on the smaller stand-alone systems. This includes photovoltaic energy, wind energy and hybrid systems, with or without back-up generators.


How to use RESDAS ?

RESDAS can be used to supply the following information on electrical energy storage:

Who developed RESDAS ?

RESDAS is a co-operative development of the institutes listed here.

The European Commission supported the development of RESDAS financially within the frame of the project Benchmarking ENK6-CT-80576.

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