Publications of type Article (scientific) in 2000.
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Het toepassen van behoefte-ventilatie in energiezuinige woningen
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Optimisation of vortex generator locations. Insects cause double stall. Inviscid stall model. Some thoughts and preliminary results on wake modelling and tip corrections
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Modelling the role of transmission companies in the downstream European gas market
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Biomass for energy and industry: ECN contributions to the 1st world conference and exhibition on biomass for energy and industry
ECN-RX--00-007 EN juni 2000; 41 pag.
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PRODESign: a program for optimisation and dimensioning of energy conversion systems
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Advanced forming techniques in ceramics
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ECN-RX--00-002 EN april 2000; 45 pag.
Published in: Contains 3 articles: 'DOWEC concept study; evaluation of wind turbine concepts for large scale offshore application'; 'Tools for (), , Ed., p.-.
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Endogeneous learning and technology clustering: analysis with MARKAL model of the Western European energy system
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Offshore wind turbine systems in Europe (Offshore Windkraftanlagen in Europa)
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