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Implications of CO2 Emissions Trading for Short-run Electricity Outcomes in Northwest Europe
Chen, Y.; Sijm, J.P.M.; Hobbs, B.F.; Lise, W.
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ECN Policy Studies 13-2-2009
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ECN-W--09-002 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Journal of Regulatory Economics (Springer Netherlands), , 2008, Vol.Vol. 34, No. 3,, p.251-281.

We examine the short-run implications of CO2 trading for power production, prices, emissions, and generator profits in northwest Europe in 2005. Simulation results from a transmission-constrained oligopoly model are compared with theoretical analyses to quantify price increases and windfall profits earned by generators. The analyses indicate that the rates at which CO2 costs are passed through to wholesale prices are affected by market competitiveness, merit order changes, and elasticities of demand and supply. Emissions trading results in large windfall profits, much but not all of which is due to free allocation of allowances. Profits also increase for some generators because their generation mix has low emissions, and so they benefit from electricity price increases. Most emission reductions appear to be due to demand response, not generation redispatch.

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