Cited globally

ECN is an important consultant to government authorities at home and in Europe, and a reliable partner for the business sector. We compile our research findings into clear reports and publish in scientific journals and trade magazines. ECN publications are cited around the world. 

We like to promote and share information about knowledge and technology for sustainable energy management with whomever is interested in it. Which is why our researchers commit the results of their work to writing.

As long as these reports are not exclusively for specific clients, they must be accessible for as many people as possible, and for this reason we offer a large number of reports as PDF files. Since 2006, all reports have been available as PDFs. Reports published prior to this were occasionally issued as PDFs, the rest were printed only. 

Besides presenting their findings in ECN reports, researchers also report on their work in scientific meetings. In some cases, their presentations given at conferences have also been included in our database. So please don’t hesitate to browse our database using the search engine. 

The database also contains brochures about our products and services, as well as annual reports of previous years.

NB Sometimes items are only available in English; this will be indicated by the Union Jack.