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Optical improvement for laser material processing
Bosman, J.; Molenaar, R.; Kettelarij, H.; Keijzer, M.A. de; Kok, C.J.G.M. de
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ECN Environment & Energy Engineering 12-5-2010
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ECN-V--10-006 Artikel vakblad
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Gepubliceerd in: Mikroniek (), , 2010, Vol.Nr. 2, p.32-35.

The use of laser technology enables flexibility and new concepts for example solar cell production but also optical moulds. The reason why laser technology is used in these cases is not the laser system itself but the ability to tailor this type of energy to the demands of the production processes. To ensure the full potential of the laser technology it can be improved by adding optical elements like polarizer, cameras, lenses and sensors.
Two of these extra optical elements are presented here. First laser pulse energy attenuation. This is used to increase the controllability of laser processes. And second a new camera optic that enables integrated alignment with respect to features on the product. This last enables marking on existing features and automated compensation of scanner drift. These camera systems can be used for micro welding of polymers and repair of existing markings in moulds.

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