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Regulatory road maps for the optimal integration of intermittent RES-E/DG in electricity systems. Final Report of the RESPOND Project
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ECN Beleidsstudies 25-8-2010
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ECN-O--10-026 Overig
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This document D8 is the final report of the RESPOND project and a result of the work undertaken in Work Package (WP) 5 of the RESPOND research project. The focus of the report is on developing for five different EU countries regulatory road maps and formulate on that basis per country sets of recommendations on policy and regulatory changes and timing of actions for pushing the optimal integration of large shares of intermittent RES-E/DG in the electricity system. The work has used the results from previous research conducted in the RESPOND project by partners, see referred reports D4, D5, D6 and D7 and discussions during the different presentations of results at the last RESPOND project workshop held in Berlin (February 3rd 2009) and the final RESPOND result presentations, i.e. at a conference in Leuven (May 27th 2009) and finally at DGTREN (July 22 2009).

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