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CRISP - D3.3: Final Report on Field Experiments and Tests
Warmer, C.J.; Kester, J.C.P.; Andrieu, C.; Gustavsson, R.
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ECN Energie in de Gebouwde Omgeving en Netten 14-9-2007
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ECN-O--07-017 Overig
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This document describes the high level results of the three field experiments and tests performed within the CRISP project. The aims of the document are the following: • To give an account of the lessons learned from the experiments as they have been performed. • To give recommendations for strategic use of intelligent ICT in high-DG power networks (thinking forward from our experience in the experiments). • To compile 'industrial guidelines and recommendations' for the strategic use of intelligent ICT for various operational aspects of high-DG power networks. These strategic recommendations will not only cover technology issues, but also business, economic, and market considerations. The role of utilities and third parties in utilising this new technology in this changing scene forms an important issue to be dealt with.

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