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CRISP - D3.1: Specification of experiments and test set up
Kester, J.C.P.; Kamphuis, I.G.; Kok, J.K.; Kuijper, F.J.; Schaeffer, G.J.; Andrieu, C.; Fontela, Miguel; Raison, B.; Penkov, D.; Gajic, Z.; Karlsson, D.
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ECN Energie in de Gebouwde Omgeving en Netten 14-9-2007
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ECN-O--07-016 Overig
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In the CRISP project three field experiments are implemented for using novel ICTs for better integration of Distributed Generation in the electricity grid. These experiments deal with: A. supply demand matching B. fault detection and diagnostics C. intelligent load shedding. For each of the experiments the problem statement, the project definition, the project description and the planning and organisation are described, respectively in section A, B and C of this document.

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