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EWTW Meteorological database, Description June 2003 - May 2005
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ECN Windenergie 1-6-2005
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ECN-I--05-007 Overig
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The ECN Wind Turbine Test Station Wieringermeer (EWTW) is a test location for wind turbines that comprises of four prototype turbines, five research N80 turbines and three large meteorological masts. Two masts reach to 108m height and one mast to 100m. Several research projects have been carried out at the EWTW during the first two years. For each project, a database is created in order to separate confidential turbine data. As a result, the meteorological data are scattered over several databases. The set-up of the EWTW meteorology database (EWTWM) is such that all meteorological data measured during the projects at EWTW are stored in a single database. This database does not contain confidential data.

Since there is not a specific project for the definition of the EWTWM database, it must be stipulated that only data measured in operational projects are stored. If signals are not measured in these projects and the instruments are removed, the EWTWM database cannot provide for further extension of the measurements. As a result, the EWTWM database consists of a patchwork of measurements that are valuable when properly described. Storage of the meteorological data is done using the WDMS database structure. This structure has been developed by ECN and is used for the storage of the large data sets measured at wind turbine measurement projects. With this structure, the data are easily accessible. The data are stored with a sample frequency of 4 Hz together with the 10-minute statistics (average, minimum, maximum and standard deviation). This means that some data have been resampled.

The first meteorological mast at EWTW is installed in March 2003 and is operational since June 2003. In this report an overview of the data in the EWTWM database is presented. A site description is given and also the meteorological mast and the instrumentation and data acquisition system are specified. The second meteorological mast is erected in July 2004 and data are included in the EWTWM database since December 2004. In addition experiments are done with a 25m high mast next to the meteorological mast 1 in order to characterise the flow distortion around the mast. These data are also included in the EWTWM database.




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