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PHATAS Release
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ECN Windenergie 1-5-2005
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ECN-I--05-005 Overig
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The computer program PHATAS, ?Program for Horizontal Axis wind Turbine Analysis and Simulation?, is developed for the time-domain calculation of the dynamic behaviour and the corresponding loads on a Horizontal Axis wind Turbine, HAT. The program PHATAS is available for use as ?console application? on a PC operating under MS-Windows, on a UNIX work station, or under LINUX. The most significant improvement of PHATAS release "APR-2005" and "NOV-2003" compared to the former releases "OCT-2002" and "JAN-2002" is that they were made more suitable for load-set calculations, either if used as single application of under the design package Focus. This manual gives a global description of the type of calculations (PV-curve, dynamic response) that can be done with PHATAS, while a detailed description is given on all input items of the turbine and of the tower model. Special attention is paid to the description of the controller while some explanation is given on the structure for linking additional algorithms, based on a simple yaw controller.

Descriptions of additional programs provided with PHATAS are added in appendices. Among these programs are a pre-processor for load-case input files following IEC or GL, and  postprocessors to retrieve load-time series or to select extreme loads of a complete load set.

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