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Reducing fly ash deposition from a brown coal by solid additives :8th international conference on coal science, 10-15 September 1995, Oviedo, Spain
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ECN 1995
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ECN-RX--95-020 Overig
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The paper reports on methods to control sodium based fouling and slaggingof a Victorian brown coal using solid additives. For nine mixtures of oxides and sodium salts, the reactions of sodium with kaolin, silica, and alumina were investigated. The results are compared with those seen for combustion of coal after wet pre-treatment with aluminium compounds. Calculated reaction rates suggest that sodium in sodium acetate form is most reactive and that sodium in chloride form is least reactive. Sulphur reduces the extent of silicate formation. Estimates of additive requirements suggest that kaolin or alumina (2-3 wt% of coal) with a particle size between 10 and 20 mum would be effective for controlling fly ash deposition associated with the use of Victorian brown coals. 3 tabs., 6 refs.

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