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Soldeertechnieken voor het maken van elektrische verbindingentussen zonnecellen
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ECN 1995
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ECN-RX--95-001 Overig
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Research is carried out on the subject of soldering techniques,appropriate to mount copper connecting strips on the electric contacts of photovoltaic cells. In making the choice for a jointing technique the costs must be taken into account, next to the appropriateness of the technique for large-scale production. Also attention must be paid to the contact resistance (<2 mOmega) and the shearing force (>5.5 N). By means of parallel gap reflow soldering (PGRS) joints were made that fulfill the electrical and mechanical requirements. By means of ultrasonic soldering the requirements are approached. PGRS is the best suitable technique for mechanization or automation. 12 figs., 2 tabs., 4 refs.

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