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Profilometry and eddy current testing of VENDEOS 263-05 [ECN-I--95-038]
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In the frame work of up-dating non-destructive examination techniques,linked up with industrial demands ECN has started the project VENDEOS, verification of non-destructive versus destructive testing techniques of fuel pins. The objectives of this verification are easy to state but may not be easily achieved. In this case also comparative examinations of both techniques will be performed. To this end a niobia doped type of fuel has been chosen. The following program me is planned; Non-Destructive: - Irradiation programme at the HFR; - Neutrography at 0 and 90 degrees after irradiation; - Gamma spectrometry; Pulse Height Analyzing (PHA); Gross gamma scan (area 350 through 850 keV); Multi Nuclide Scan over the total fuel stack; Computer Tomography at 4 axial locations; Fission gas release measurement (PHA) at the plenum region; - Visual inspection with a color camera system; - Profilometry measurements; - Eddy-Current Testing. Destructive measurements: - Puncturing of the fuel pin for: Fuel pin pressure; Fission Gas Release; Determination of krypton and xenon by mass-spectrometry; Void volume determination; - Fabrication of 3 or 4 samples for further examinations. The positions for cutting will correspond with the tomography axial positions; - Macro photographs; - Alpha and beta auto radiography; - EPMA, Electron Probe Micro Analyses; - Micro gamma scanning, two cross lines with small step size; - Pore size distribution. In this report the non-destructive examinations of profilometry and eddy current testing are presented. In the same programme the following reports have been written: ECN-1--95-019, Gamma spectrometry of VENDEOS 263-05. ECN-1--95-044, Gamma emission computer tomography of VENDEOS 263-05. 25 figs., 7 tabs., 2 refs., 1 appendix

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