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Veiligheid van de Modular Helium Reactor: is de MHRlevensvatbaar?
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ECN-I--95-016 Overig
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The principles of two innovative high-temperature nuclear reactors areoutlined in chapter 2: the General Atomics developed Modular High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (MHTGR), and the Siemens developed 'Hochtemperaturreaktor-Modul' (HTM or high-temperature reactor module). Special attention is paid to the construction of the reactor core and the form of the fission fuel. Safety requirements and economic conditions restrict the reactor designs. For the MHTGR concept those restrictions are inventorized in chapter 3, which results in possibilities for upscaling the design. In chapter 4 the possibilities of the computer code THATCH (Thermal Analysis for Temperatures in the Core of an HTGR) are highlighted. In chapter 5 several scenarios are calculated in which the active cooling systems fail and the reactor demonstrates its passive characteristics. The competitiveness of the design and high-temperature reactors in general is compared with existing modern gas-fired and coal-fired power plants in chapter 6. A modified design is shown in chapter 7 taking into account the required safety specifications and the option to further develop an economic efficient reactor. 61 figs., 15 tabs., 8 appendices, 17 refs.

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