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Correctie voor straling en geleiding bij open-thermokoppels
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ECN 1-4-1995
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ECN-I--95-009 Overig
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A model to determine the gas temperature out of the measured temperatureis described by means of the calculation of the radiation loss and the conductivity loss of an open thermocouple. The heat balance, based on the heat flows by convection, radiation and conduction, is determined. In particular, attention is paid to the heat transfer by means of conduction within the thermocouple. Also the determination of the marginal temperature of the thermocouple by means of a radiation correction model is described. The sensitivity of the calculated correction on the gas temperature is calculated for a number of material constants and other parameters. Examples of calculations are used for flat flame burners, as applied in the ceramic burner test facilities at ECN. 9 figs., 2 tabs., 17 refs.

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