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BIPV products for facades and roof: a market analysis
Verberne, G.; Bonomo, P.; Frontini, F.; Donker, M.N. van den; Chatzipanagi, A.; Sinapis, K.; Folkerts, W.
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ECN Zonne-energie 22-9-2014
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ECN-M--14-073 Conferentiebijdrage
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In this paper, the authors report on a jointly conducted analysis of the current status of the BIPV market starting from a comprehensive overview on the available product, discussing the application ranges and finally by giving the price levels. For this purpose a market survey was conducted among the various stakeholders in the BIPV sector, including architects, installers and BIPV product suppliers. The product survey was conducted for the general European Market and the price survey concerned only Benelux and Swiss markets. The most frequent products analysed were PV tiles and in-roof mounting systems (for residential roofs). Although crystalline silicon technology was most commonly used, thin film technologies gained considerable share in faƧade products. The data from the price survey showed that new buildings using BIPV products can be executed at very similar costs than projects involving conventional and/or building applied PV products.

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