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Presentations Dutch Wind Workshops
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ECN Windenergie 21-2-2011
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Gepresenteerd op: Dutch Wind Workshops, Wieringerwerf, The Netherlands, , 14-15 oktober 2010.

At October 14-15 the Dutch Wind Workshops took place at Knowledge Centre WMC, Wieringerwerf. Over two days, researchers from ECN, Delft Technical University, AgencyNL and WMC presented an highlight of R&D activities related to wind energy in the Netherlands. Among those present were the entire international top 5 wind turbine and blade manufacturers. Dutch research clearly has a lot to offer the wind energy industry.

Dutch research plays a significant role in the growth towards a competitive position for wind energy. In the presentations the various unique research infrastructures in The Netherlands were highlighted. Among the research infrastructures are the ECN test site in the Wieringermeer, including the large – and recently extended – test wind farm for prototype turbines and the unique scale wind farm, the extensive test facilities for turbine blades of Knowledge Centre WMC and the recently opened Open Jet Wind tunnel at Delft University of Technology.

During the Dutch Wind Workshops, researchers of the three internationally leading research institutions in wind energy held intensive discussions with designers from industry, project initiators and consultants regarding the challenges there are.

The various presentations on the two days of the workshop included rotor aerodynamics, blade and turbine materials, wind farm management, offshore installations, long-distance monitoring and software developments. Since the Measurement and Evaluation program at the Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ) has lead to interesting results, these were especially highlighted, as well as the results of the research lines in the INNWIND consortium.

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