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Smart Electricity Metering as an Energy Efficiency Instrument
Kester, J.C.P.; Morch, A.; Parsons, J.
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ECN Energie in de Gebouwde Omgeving en Netten 29-10-2007
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ECN-M--07-111 Conferentiebijdrage
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Gepresenteerd op: ECEEE 2007 Summer Study, La Colle sur Loup, France, 4-9 juni 2007.

The new European Directive on Energy End-use Efficiency and Energy Services (ESD) (EC 2006/32, 2006) states the importance of installing metering and billing systems allowing consumers to regulate and steer their consumption. Extra information provided by these “Smart Meters”, is proposed as an important technological innovation to improve energy efficiency. In the next few years the European energy markets will face a challenging task – implementation of Smart Metering systems for small and middle-size customers. The public policies and implementation paths of Smart Metering today vary across Europe from full-scale implementation to very limited. Implementation of Smart Metering systems provides a technological basis, which makes it possible to implement new market-based products and services encouraging the Final Customers to save energy. Electricity suppliers and Distribution System Operators play a key role in a full utilisation of the energy saving potential from Smart Metering, but need a benefit for doing this. These new market opportunities could provide this benefit.

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