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Conductive adhesives for low-stress interconnection of thin back-contact solar cells
Eikelboom, D.W.K.; Bultman, J.H.; Schönecker, A.; Meuwissen, M.H.H.; Nieuwenhof, M.A.C.J. van den; Meier, D.L.
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ECN Zonne-energie 1-10-2002
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ECN-RX--02-052 Conferentiebijdrage
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Gepresenteerd op: PV in Europe - From PV Technology to Energy Solutions Conference and Exhibition, Rome, Italy, 7-11 oktober 2002.

Thin crystalline silicon solar cells interconnected with standard solderingtechniques warp and have a high change of breaking. Therefore, thin cells should be interconnected with conductive adhesives: warping can be avoided and 80µm thin cells do not break during and after interconnection unlike soldered cells. Damp/heat tests and temperature cycling show no degradation.Tested mini modules made with soldered back contacts and glued front contacts show excellent performance even after over 900 cycles. Contact resistances measured on glued interconnections are similar to soldered contacts. I-V measurements of interconnected thin back-contact cells in mini modules show no loss in fill factor. Interconnection with conductive adhesives is a promising technique combining excellent mechanical properties, good conductivity, durability, and low process temperatures thus reducing stress.

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