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Saving on corrosion costs: Testing in true environment using electrochemical characterisation
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ECN Environment & Energy Engineering 30-4-2015
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ECN-L--15-031 Presentatie
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Gepresenteerd op: Materials 2015, Veldhoven, Nederland, 22 en 23 april.

€2.2 trillion Global economic cost annually related to corrosion Standardised codes are not related to reality e.g. A262-14 (Susceptibility to IG attack of aust SS) states: “The presence or absence of intergranular corrosion in this test is NOT necessarily a measure of the performance of the material in other corrosive media/environments.” Engineers can only design based on general corrosion THE corrosion resistant material does not exist THE corrosive environment does not exist (neither does non-corrosive) Never ask for a corrosion resistant material only

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