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Verwerking kolkenmateriaal en hemelwater Waternet
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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 17-2-2017
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ECN-E--17-007 ECN rapport
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Between December 2015 and September 2016, four samples were taken with 3 months interval from the stormwater drains and sewers that are maintained by Waternet, the Water Authority of Amsterdam. The materials were assessed for their potential application as fuel. The main conclusion was that in all cases the prospects of being used as fuel are small due to unacceptably high moisture and ash contents. Alternative applications, which make use of the high ash content, were proposed in a brainstorm session. These include use as bed material for fluidized-bed combustion systems, secondary building materials and feedstock for light-weight aggregates. In all applications after processing, there is a risk of leaching of hazardous components. Probably, it is a low level risk because the materials have been in contact with water for a prolonged time.

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