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ECN-NORCOWE wake LiDAR measurement campaign at ECN test site
Wagenaar, J.W.; Asgarpour, M. voorvoegsels; Bergman, G.
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ECN Windenergie 19-8-2016
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ECN-E--16-006 ECN rapport
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In this report an overview of the ECN and NORCOWE wake LiDAR campaign at the ECN Wind turbine Test site Wieringermeer in the period 2012-2014 is given. In this campaign in parallel to meteorological masts, several ground based and nacelle based LiDARs were used to measure the wind regime and wind turbine wake behaviour. In particular the test set-up is described, the used equipment, sensors and signals and the duration of the campaigns. This document is aimed to be a public reference document for future publications describing the measurement campaign overview.

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