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Buckling load prediction tools for rotor blades
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ECN Windenergie 1-12-2005
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ECN-C--05-103 ECN rapport
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Within the Dutch research project BLADKNIK buckling load prediction tools were improved and/or developed to be used in wind turbine rotor blade design. These tools include programs that model buckling of a complete cross-section (Finstrip) and programs that model buckling of panels within a cross-section. This report contains descriptions of each of the buckling load prediction methods. For the practical (and fast) engineering ’Design rules’ this description is in terms of references to design handbooks and publications. For the panel-based prediction methods this report contains the theoretical background. This includes laminate theory, non-linear strain-displacement relations for curved panels, stability equations derived from energy methods, a description of the solution method, and finally a description of the routines that are developed in the BLADKNIK project. These routines are developed for use in Farob (under Focus), that includes a structural model of a rotor blade. The program Finstrip for buckling of complete cross sections is reported in terms of its functional specifications and the improvements that were issued in the BLADKNIK project. Finally this report contains a functional description of the Farob option to generate input for a Finite Element Package, together with the improvements that were issued in this project.

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