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Tar dewpoint analyser; For application in biomass gasification product gases
Paasen, S.V.B. van; Boerrigter, H.; Kuipers, J.; Stokes, A.M.V.; Struijk, F.; Scheffer, A.
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ECN BM 1-5-2005
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ECN-C--05-026 ECN rapport
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This project aims at the development of an analyser for the on-line measurement of tar dewpoints in biomass product gases. The work has been executed according to the project proposal. On basis of the specifications for the tar dewpoint analyser (TDA), an existing hydrocarbon dewpoint sensor was modified and a gas conditioning section was designed for tar dewpoint measurements. Preliminary laboratory tests with the gas conditioning section and dewpoint sensor were run to investigate the performance and fouling characteristics of the dewpoint sensor and the gas conditioning section. The TDA (gas conditioning section sensor) was tested and validated downstream the laboratory scale BFB gasifier at ECN. Tar dewpoints between 25°C and 170°C could successfully be measured. After finishing the tests a pre design for a commercial analyser was made. Finally, the market for the TDA was identified and segmented in R&D groups, indirect co-combustion and stand-alone biomass gasification installations.

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