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Eco-industrial parks in Germany: Dortmund Technology Centre, Value Park, Schkopau, Avantis, Aachen
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ECN Energie in de Gebouwde Omgeving en Netten 1-6-2004
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ECN-C--04-066 ECN rapport
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Ecopadev is the name of a project of the European Commission withinthe programme of "Energy, environment and sustainable development", key aspect 4: City of tomorrow and the cultural heritage. The project seeks to promote a change in urban planning policy of industrial and business areas, to reach greater sustainability, improve quality of life and enhance eco-efficiency, by the development of a decision-making tool and methodology based on Eco-industrial parks development strategy. Almost 80% of European inhabitants live in urban areas and are, therefore, affected by the quality of living conditions in cities. The continuous economic expansion has produced many problems related to unsuitable planning of cities. Important topics are: Industrial areas surrounded by residential areas, Traffic congestion, Unsuitable environmental management, Lack of data for decision making by local authorities, Energy consumption and Social problems like unemployment due to the change of economical activities, from primary industry to services etc. Institutes of five European countries are working together to gather data of successful examples of sustainable industrial parks in order to disseminate and apply knowledge about the above mentioned items []. The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is one of the participating institutes next to the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, ECN has, in co-operation with Ingenieurb├╝ro Dr.-Ing. W. Trinius (Germany) contacted local authorities and industrial parks to exchange experiences about the subject. The following report will give you the results of this inventory. The definition of an eco-industrial is discussed in the report National policies concerning eco-industrial parks in Europe, ECN-C--04-061. An inventory of eco-industrial parks in the UK is given in the report ECO-INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, ECN-C--04-065.

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