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RECommendations for Offshore wind turbines. Task 2: Labour safety (health and safety)
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ECN Windenergie 1-11-2004
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ECN-C--04-064 ECN rapport
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The investigation of Labour safety at offshore Wind Energy installations has been focussed on aspects like licensing, health and safety, and labour safety influencing the wind turbine design. In other words: are there any regulations that determine e.g. the turbine design, or limit certain design solutions?

The investigation resulted in the following general conclusions:

  1. Uniform guidelines for all European countries having an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) on the North Sea are not possible at the moment. Every country has his own licensing authorities.
  2. New HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) procedures have to be developed, based on the existing knowledge of offshore oil companies and maintenance companies and institutes.
  3. It could not be concluded that health and safety provisions will have (limiting) influence on the design of the offshore wind turbines. All measures, procedures, and provisions that deal with health and safety, need to be assessed and approved individually.
  4. There is an urge to uniform offshore wind turbine access facilities and procedures.

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