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Development of a wind turbine aerodynamics simulation module
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ECN Windenergie 1-8-2003
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ECN-C--03-079 ECN rapport
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The simulation of wind turbine aerodynamics can be improved with more physically realistic models than the ones currently in use in engineering practice. In this report the mathematical and numerical aspects and the practical use of a new wind turbine aerodynamics simulation module is described.

The new simulation code is based on non-linear lifting line vortex wake theory which is a more accurate model for rotor wake physics; an important aspect in wind turbine load simulations. The new model is verified for some test cases with analytical solutions. Wake dynamics are shown to behave as anticipated. The new simulation module, designated AWSM, is expected to substantially reduce the number of uncertainties that accompany currently used blade-element-momentum methods. To assert the quality of AWSM resulta a comparison with experimental data is recommended. Numerical tests should be performed. Numerical tests should be performed to investigate the influence of AWSM simulation parameters on the computed results. Further functionality extensions and algorithm optimimizations are suggested.

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