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Phyllis database uitbreiding met biochemische samenstellingen ten behoeve van de productie van vloeibare en gasvormige brandstoffen
Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Lips, S.J.J.
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ECN BM 1-7-2003
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ECN-C--03-064 ECN rapport
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The Phyllis database ( with data on the compositionand heating value of biomass, has been expanded by ECN and ATO with biochemical data relevant to the production of liquid and gaseous fuels. The number of materials has increased from about 1900 to 2250. The data presentation has been adapted and leaves users a choice between chemical and biochemical data or both. If preference for all data is indicated, the selection may be limited to materials for which biochemical data are available. If only biochemical data are required, the selection may be limited to materials to which the Van Soest method or sugar analysis have been applied.

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