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Inventarisatie van mogelijkheden voor de meting van veranderingen in luchtconcentraties van fluorverbindingen.
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ECN SF 1-7-2003
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ECN-C--03-062 ECN rapport
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Fluorocarbon compounds such as HFCs, PFCs and i.e. SF6 in the Earth'satmosphere contribute to the greenhouse effect. International and national policy is aimed at a reduction of these anthropogenic greenhouse gases. Research is also aimed at the surveillance of sources of emissions and determination of the effect of measures taken to reduce these emissions.
This report is an inventory of possibilities for measuring the changes in air concentration of fluorocarbon compounds. This technique will be used to survey these sources from towers. After investigating internet and literature a number of techniques is described and judged for this purpose and also a number of suppliers of these instruments are contacted to make possible a responsible choice and impression of the technique. This iterative process has lead to a rough impression and description of an instrument that is composed of a Gas Chromatograph (GC) with an Electron Capture Detector (ECD) and a Mass Spectrometer (MS).
Also is stated that the choice of the fluorocarbon compound that has to be measured will greatly effect the composition and performance of the instrument.

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