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E-Box: een residential gateway voor kostenbesparing en duurzaamheid; integratie internet en ICT-netwerken voor energiebesparingsdiensten: Architectuur en interface beschrijving Energie- en kostenbesparingspotentieel
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ECN Energie in de Gebouwde Omgeving en Netten 1-1-2003
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ECN-C--03-017 ECN rapport
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This report presents the results of a study of using new information and communication technology in small-scale energy management systems on the level of individual households. Detailed requirements are formulated for such an energy management system. A hardware and software architecture is proposed based on existing standards for delivering service applications. A large part of the energy management functionality for such a E-box for energy efficiency and cost control has been implemented in a software prototype.

The results of prototype simulation studies indicate that there is a cost saving potential and a potential for improved embedding of small scale, sustainable energy generators, if operations of appliances are co-ordinated in view of real-time market price signals. The potential (spread in cost plus or minus 15%) is highest for combined operation of small Ƭ-CHP (Stirling motor powered or fuel cell installations) satisfying a house's heat demand with laundry washing and drying processes in a real time electricity pricing situation. A similar increase in cost effectiveness can be achieved, if buffering of energy-carriers (electricity or heat) is used.

Possible market and business models for implementing the functionality of an E-box are dealt with and some possible implementation opportunities in a real-time price liberalised end user energy consumption market are discussed.

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