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Standardised baselines for small-scale CDM activities. A proposal for the CDM programme of the Netherlands. Discussion paper
Martens, J.W.; Rooijen, S.N.M. van; Wijnants, H.J.; Bovée, V.
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1-12-2001
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ECN-C--01-122 ECN rapport
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According to the Marrakesh Accords, small-scale project activities underCDM can use standardised baselines and simplified procedures to kick start their development (UNFCCC, 2001). The Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment is developing a Dutch CDM programme. This programme can support small-scale project activities under CDM. In order to facilitate the submission of small-scale projects under the CDM programme, this study has developed standardised baselines and streamlined procedures for selected small project categories. These categories included:

  • Standardising baselines for on grid renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects;
  • Standardising baselines for energy efficient lighting projects;
  • Standardising baselines for off grid renewable energy projects;
  • Streamlined procedures for the above project categories.

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