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Eindrapportage BIO-LICHT : lichtgewicht transportmiddelen op basis van hernieuwbare grondstoffen
Nauta, J.P.; Overbeek, J.P.; Braam, J.; Bos, H.; Brouwer, R.; Pott, G.; Rooijen, D. van; Visser, J.; Voorn, B. van
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ECN Energie Efficiency in de Industrie 1-3-2001
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ECN-C--01-036 ECN rapport
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The aim of the BIO-LICHT project is to develop sustainable light-weightmaterials and composites on the basis of renewable materials in the plastics industry, and the transportation sector (manufacturing industry and transport). Within the framework of the BIOLICHT project attention is paid to the following subjects: mapping the possibilities for lightweight materials on the basis of natural fiber composites in the construction of coachworks and trailers; research on natural fibers and natural fiber composites to manufacture agro-fiber reinforced synthetic materials with optimal properties; the development of production processes for the processing of natural fibers in composites; life cycle analysis to be able to choose environment-friendly variants; and the development of product concepts on the basis of new materials and processes. Several products were tested successfully: a spoiler - light shaft by means of the Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) process; a raised roof for a jeep by means of the vacuum injection process; and a headlight hook for a touring car by means of Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

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