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NM3000-LMH46-5 blade design : aerodynamic parameter sensitity study
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ECN Windenergie 1-5-2001
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ECN-C--00-077 ECN rapport
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An investigation is carried out into the LMH46-5 rotor blade geometry that combines a high annual energy capture with relatively low values for the extreme blade root and tower base moments. Within this investigation the load spectrum is calculated for several configurations that have variations in airfoil characteristics, blade chord, blade taper ratio and rotor speed. Furthermore some configurations with differences in structural propertiesand with a low turbulence intensity are analysed. For most of the configurations the blade twist is optimised with the program BOT to obtain a maximum energy capture for a Weibull wind distribution with an average of 9 m/s. For each configuration the annual energy capture was integrated from the quasi-stationary power curve calculated with PHATAS-IV, also with a Weibull average of 9 m/s and an IEC turbulence intensity of 12%. For most of the configurations the dynamic load set was calculated for each of the aerodynamic variations in blade design with a turbulence intensity of 16%. From these dynamic load sets, the extreme and fatigue moments in the blade root, rotor shaft and in the tower base were selected, while also the ?dynamic energy capture? was integrated from the dynamic load sets. The results are presented as relative variations with respect to the so-called ?baseline? configuration, named ?C-00?. The baseline configuration has the ?LMH46-5-X00? rotor blades. Finally the cost of energy is calculated for the configurations using component-cost estimates as function of fatigue and extreme loads.

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