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Restgassen in Nederland : huidige toepassingen en alternatieve energiebesparende toepassingsmogelijkheden
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ECN BM 1-12-2000
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ECN-C--99-066 ECN rapport
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In the Netherlands many different industrial waste gases are beingproduced. lt is, however, unclear which parties are responsible for the production of these gases, how large those gas streams are, and their chemical composition. The main objective of this project is to give an overview of the Dutch industrial parties involved in waste gas production, and of the nature, amount and composition of the waste gas streams concerned. Category 1 waste gases are gases with a low calorific value and gases with a changing flowrate and/or composition, are being used already to a large extent for heat and/or power production. Odorous gases, have to be treated to meet applicable emission constraints. Industrial parties approached, to analyse their current waste gas policy, with the objective to advise them about a potential more optimised use of these gases, were, for different reasons, found to be not very co-operative. For the use of category 2 waste gas streams, viz. hydrogen-rich gases, the biomass hydrogasification process seems to offer a very promising concept to produce Substitute Natural Gas (SNG), from both hydrogen and organic waste steams. Two Dutch industrial parties are willing to participate in the necessary RDandD-traject for further developing this 'new' concept. 19 refs.

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