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Implementation of thermal processes for feedstock recycling of bromine and antimony, with energy recovery, from plastics Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): Phase 1: literature survey/status update, evaluation, and ranking of combustion, gasification, and pyrolysis based technologies
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ECN BM 1-11-2000
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ECN-C--00-114 ECN rapport
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The bromine industry wants to process plastic Waste from Electrical andElectronic Equipment (WEEE), containing brominated flame retardants (BFRs), to recycle bromine, antimony, and other valuable metals, with energy recovery for sustainable production and closing the bromine loop at the End-of-Life. The motivation to perform the underlying study was that insufficient detailed information was available regarding the technical and economical feasibility of processing of WEEE with thermal processes (i.e. combustion, gasification, and pyrolysis-based technologies). The objective of the study was to make an inventory of available processes and evaluate them based on the following six criteria:Energy efficiency, Bromine and Antimony recovery, Emissions (legislation permits), General quality of residues/secondary products, Operational experience, and Profit expectations (ROI). 57 refs.

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