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Stookgasreiniging : een overzicht van kennis en faciliteiten bij ECN
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ECN BM 1-3-2000
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ECN-C--00-023 ECN rapport
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The cleaning of fuel gases from gasification of coal and biomass has beena major point of research at the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) since 1990. In the early years (1990-1996) most of the work was performed within the ECN Business Unit Fossil Fuels. In this period, the work was focussed on cleaning of fuel gases from gasification of coal. In more recent years (starting from 1995) research on fuel gas cleaning has also been performed within ECN's Biomass programme. This report describes ECN's current (January 2000) knowledge and research facilities in the field of fuel gas cleaning. ECN's knowledge relates to dehalogenation, desulphurization and the removal of dust, alkali metals, tars and NH3/HCN from coal and biomass derived fuel gases. The research facilities vary from laboratory scale (1mn3/hour) to bench scale (200mn3/hour) and can be fed with model gases as well as with the fuel gases from the three biomass gasifiers. 24 refs.

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