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Biomass for greenhouse gas emission reduction task 8 : optimal emission reduction strategies for Western Europe
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1-10-2000
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ECN-C--00-001 ECN rapport
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The optimal use of biomass in Western Europe for greenhouse gas emission mitigation is discussed. The analysis is based on the MARKAL MATTER4.2 energy and materials systems engineering model. The results show that biomass strategies can contribute up to 400 Mt CO2 equivalents of emission reduction in 2030. Biomass use for transportation fuels and feedstocks, energy recovery from waste and afforestation seem the most promising options. Biomass use for energy and materials will increase from 250 Mt in the base case to 600 Mt in case of 75% emission reduction in 2030. Based on the modelling results it is recommended to apply generic pricing instruments, provide a long-term policy target to all market parties and avoid premature technology selection. 107 refs.

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