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Duurzame energie in het RTC-gebouw
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ECN 1997
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ECN-C--97-029 ECN rapport
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The ECN group Renewable Energy in the Built Environment (ECN-DEGO) wasasked to upgrade the design of an office building in Alkmaar for small starting enterprises in such a way that it would reflect some aspects of renewable energy. Although the estimated annual energy consumption for heating and cooling was in accordance with the Dutch regulations (Energy Efficiency Standard), the comfort of the building was estimated to be poor, because it lacked cooling or mechanical ventilation. ECN-DEGO issued an advice consisting of 12 points, mainly concerned with decrease of infiltration, decrease of thermal losses through the building envelope, and decrease of electricity consumption. Two points, natural ventilation and night cooling, had to be worked out into detail. These points resulted in a (minor) change of the design: three 'chimneys' were added for the discharge of the 'dirty' air of each floor, and heavier floors were projected to increase the thermal mass. The measures will result in a lower energy consumption (EP=1,79), and more comfort. 3 figs., 7 tabs., 4 refs.

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