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Risico-normering vervoer radioactieve stoffen: een voorstel voor een stralinghygiënische optimalisatie bij vervoer
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ECN NUC 1997
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ECN-C--96-089 ECN rapport
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The possibility to use the regulations for the transport of hazardousmaterials for the risk assessment of the transport of radioactive materials is studied. In chapter 2 the possible risk sources (sender, transporter and receiver as standard source or legal entity, and road, rail and vehicle as monitoring sources) of the transport of radioactive materials are listed and compared. In chapter 3 a selection of those sources is presented and discussed, while the selection is evaluated in chapter 4 on the basis of existing results of risk analyses. It has been decided to choose for the option standard source, in which the sender/producer, receiver or distributor is the legal entity, responsible for the protection of the population for radiation exposure from the regular transport of radioactive materials. With respect to the risk of accidents during transport, it is recommended to use the regulations for road transport of hazardous materials. 3 figs., 16 refs.

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