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Inventory of existing information on the issue of power performancemeasurements in complex terrain (EWTS-II/subIV/task 1)
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ECN 1996
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ECN-C--96-083 ECN rapport
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The internationally agreed procedure for power curve measurements on windturbines has been laid down in a draft IEC standard. The procedure is based on the assumption that the statistical wind descriptors measured at a specific distance from the wind turbine are equal to the descriptors of the wind experienced by the turbine. In complex terrain this assumption will be violated. However, very little systematic experience is available on the item of site effects on the measurement of power curves and on the power curves themselves. For this reason the title project has been defined within the project European Wind Turbine Standards (EWTS-II). This sub-project aims at gaining knowledge required for the development of an appropriate guideline or standard for power curve measurements in complex terrain. Task 1 of the sub-project is to identify existing information on the issue of power performance measurements in complex terrain. The work carried out within task 1 and its results are described and presented in this report. 53 refs.

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