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Onderzoek transmutatie van actiniden in inerte matrices: verslag 1995
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ECN NUC 1996
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ECN-C--96-016 ECN rapport
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In 1991 ECN started research on the transmutation of actinides andfissionable materials iodine and technetium. That so-called RAS-program comprises analytical research and irradiations in the High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten to determine the technological feasibility of transmutation. As part of the RAS-program the title study is carried out in which the following three subjects are studied: chemical analysis of actinides and inert matrices, physico-chemical research on thorium oxide, and transmutation of plutonium. In this report an overview is given of the activities in 1995. 10 figs., 4 tabs., 5 refs.

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