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Inventarisatie energiegerelateerd gedragsonderzoek in Nederland
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1996
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ECN-C--96-013 ECN rapport
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The aim of the title survey is to provide a basis on which futureinitiatives can be adjusted to research policies in the Netherlands. The emphasis of the survey on the title subject is on recently finalized or current applied research. The survey resulted in a response of 75 projects carried out by universities, non-university organisations and consultants. Most of the projects address the sector dwellings and households, the functions traffic and climatization, and the effects of the policy tools public relations and communications. In chapter 2 of this report an overview is given of the projects, based on classification criteria (size, subject, type, contractor, etc.) and usefulness criteria (current or finalized, follow-up or not, value of the results), including a summary of the projects. 1 fig., 11 appendices, 6 refs.

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