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The ECN flow animation system
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--95-119 ECN rapport
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ECN has developed a system for the visualization of fluid flow. Thesystem is based on so-called surface particles. A surface particle is a small facet, convected by the flow. If a large number of surface particles is used in combination, a variety of flow visualization techniques can be realised, such as moving surfaces, streamlines, stream surfaces, etc.. This system has been used to visualize the results of FloTHERM and FloVent, two highly advanced CFD-packages developed by Flomerics Ltd.. Several additional programs had to be developed for the conversion of data and the post-processing of the images. This report, written for Flomerics Ltd., is a guide to the use of the ECN Flow Animation System. The system is described on various levels of detail. After an overview, each component is described in depth, including a description of commands and examples. 22 figs., 3 refs.

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