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Isolatie van een baggerspeciedepot met een zelf-vormendeafdichting op het grensvlak van alkalische reactantlaag met baggerspecie
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--95-071 ECN rapport
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Some bench-scale exploratory experiments were carried out to test theformation of precipitates, which are the basis of the self-forming and self-repairing seal, in a dredge spoil/alkaline reactant system. Also it is discussed how such a system can be applied on the slope, covered with slags, of a planned dredge spoil deposit. The formation of calcite as the most important sealing phase is proven. The calcite is formed by the reaction of calcium from the alkaline reactant layer with carbon dioxide, which originates from the decomposition of organic matter. The laying down of the reactant layer on a slope, covered with slags for strengthening, appears to be useful, although further research on this method is required. 4 figs., 5 refs.

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